I still want Parrish to be fae.

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Elie Saab Haute Couture | F/W ‘14-‘15

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it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my seat wide-eyed whispering like “what’s gonna happen are they gonna fall in love” to myself like of course they are you fucking idiot this happens EVERY TIME but as soon as i see the description and it’s like “x person and x person pretend to do the dating” it’s eternal sunshine of the stupidest fucking mind over here

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Amy once asked me how many miles I’d have to go before I’d be okay with myself. I thought I’d have to go all around the world. I don’t think that anymore. I’m okay here.

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So people who ship Derek and Parrish, are we sticking with Darrish, Derrish, etc. or are we changing it to Jerek (Jordan and Derek) since we now know his first name?

I thought about it, but Jerek sounds a little weird to me? I don’t…

Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Darrish as well. I’m used to it and it’s a cute name. And about the name on the fics, I don’t mind either way. Whatever is easier for you, honestly.

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So people who ship Derek and Parrish, are we sticking with Darrish, Derrish, etc. or are we changing it to Jerek (Jordan and Derek) since we now know his first name?

I thought about it, but Jerek sounds a little weird to me? I don’t know. apackofhales, ideas? (plus jerek might be used my jackson/derek and jennifer/derek)

Whyyyyy Jordan? Kyle is so much cuter. Now I’ll have to edit my ficlet thing. But oh well. Anyway, maybe it could be Deran? Derdan?

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which should be my new url?


heyooooo! i’ve been itching to change my url for a while now (i know i KNOW i didn’t change to this that long ago) and i finally decided LEMME MAKE A POLL SO I CAN GET MY BABIES TO HELP ME

you are all the babies and i would LOVE your help in deciding! if you could please pleeease vote on a url for me that would be super rad! i figure i’ll leave this baby open until the weekend and change things up then (depending on how many votes i get i guess?? idk i’ve never done this before)

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apackofhales said: Heeey! So, about the prompt thing. I know sub!Derek isn't really your thing, but if I could have sub!Derek/gentledom!Parrish puppy play with praise kink I'd love you forever ><


Parrish woke to a warm tongue lapping at his neck and ear.

"Mm… mornin, buddy."

The enthusiastic tongue licked into Parrish’s mouth, and Parrish laughed, reaching to pet Derek.

"Ok, ok, I’m awake."

Opening his eyes, he pushed Derek off of him so he could sit up. The damn pup was right back in his lap a moment later.

"I guess you’re hungry, buddy?"

Parrish was assaulted by more licking.

"Ok, let me up and I’ll fix you something."

Derek pulled away to look him in the eyes, a playful grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. Derek put one of his paw mitts on Parrish’s stomach. Parrish looked down and watched as the leather-clad hand traveled lower. Derek whined, and Parrish forced himself not to smirk, instead adopting a contemplative expression.

"Hmmm… well, I suppose you were a very good boy yesterday… so perhaps…"

Derek licked his ear again.

"On the other hand, I really shouldn’t spoil you…"

The pup looked crestfallen, and Parrish reached out to scratch at the base of Derek’s skull.

"Oh, alright."

Derek took a nosedive into Parrish’s crotch.

"Nope! Derek!"

Parrish pulled him away by his collar and clicked his tongue at him before moving the blankets off his legs and pushing his boxers down. Derek licked his lips but waited, impatiently looking between Parrish’s cock and his face, waiting for permission. Parrish cupped his pup’s neck and gently guided him down to just above his crotch. Derek whined.

"Hush. You’ll be a good boy for me, won’t you?"

Derek looked up.

Won’t you?

Looking a little bashful, Derek finally spit out a bark. Parrish laughed and scratched Derek’s head again. As much as Derek liked to play, the whole barking thing always put a blush on his pup’s face. Rewarding Derek for his cooperation, Parrish picked up his dick in his fist, letting just the head stick out.

"Lick me, buddy."

Derek obeyed with gusto. He slobbered all over what he could get to of the tip, playfully nipping at Parrish’s fingers now and then. Parrish pulled him off when his fist was completely drenched with spit.

"Good dog! More?"

Derek whined and sniffed at Parrish’s knee before licking at it, eyes locked with Parrish’s. Parrish smiled and leaned forward to grab Derek’s face in both hands, cradling it as he kissed his boyfriend all over.

"I’m going to need you to show me how bad you want it, baby."

Derek puffed up his chest and tried to push himself forward as if to say there was nothing more he could possibly want.

"Oh, I know you’re eager, but I’m going to need to be a very good dog for me.”

With a kiss to Derek’s nose, Parrish pulled his boxers the rest of the way off and flipped over. When he looked over his shoulder, Derek looked like he was trying to restrain himself from drooling. Parrish reached a hand back and pulled an ass cheek to the side, showing the pup his task.

"Eat my hole, Derek."

Derek jumped him so hard, Parrish face planted into a pillow before propping himself up on his elbows. Two leather paws spread him open as Derek tried to dig his tongue inside him. Parrish tried to keep his breath even, but it was really fucking hard. Derek was way too freaking good at this.

"God, baby. So good. You’re so good for me."

His pup dug his hole deep inside him and inhaled, licking Parrish’s taint at the same time. Parrish had to grip the sheets with both fists to ground himself. Unfair. Derek nipped at his rim and Parrish shook at the sensation, reaching back to pull Derek’s face tighter against him and bucking back onto that enthusiastic tongue.

"Come on, baby. Love it when you eat my ass. So perfect."

Derek pulled away to bark. Parrish’s eyes widened, and he pulled away before Derek could dive back in. He turned back to look at his pup. Derek stared back at him wide eyed and ashamed, probably thinking he did something wrong, but all Parrish could think about was how this was the first time Derek barked without prompting. He sat up and kissed the corner of Derek’s mouth hard. Pulling away, he growled at his pup.

"Mount me."

Derek looked shocked.


Parrish got back on all fours. Derek was right there immediately, licking his hole a few more times before climbing over him and draping himself over Parrish, large paw mitts tugging at Parrish’s thighs to pull him back onto the cock at his hole. Parrish was panting by the time Derek pushed himself all the way in. Derek whined.

"Yeah, come on, baby. Give it to me. Hard.”

Derek started fucking him and Parrish relaxed into the pleasurable sensation.

"Yes! God, so good, baby."

Derek reared up, and placing his paws on Parrish’s back, fucked him harder, knocking Parrish’s breath from him. Parrish’s knees melted apart into a wider stance under the assault. He was about to completely let himself go when he realized he’d missed out on a very important training opportunity. Suddenly up on his palms, he reached back and harshly squeezed the base of Derek’s dick. He pulled off of the dick, leaving just the very tip inside. Derek gasped and whined and stared at him incredulously as he tried to worm out of Parrish’s painful grip.

"Derek, why do you think I’m letting you mount me?"

Derek just stared back at him pleadingly. Parrish flexed to squeeze down on the tip of Derek’s cock and the pup bucked and choked.

"Derek. Pay attention. What did you do to deserve this treat?"

Derek bit his lip, trying to think through the arousal. Parrish squeezed down again and Derek barked.

"What was that?"

Derek blinked shyly a few times, but barked again, rolling his hips a little, hoping his master would let him continue.

"And what do you think you need to do if you want to come inside me?"

Derek barked a lot more desperately this time. Satisfied, and happy that he was finally helping Derek get over his self-consciousness during play, Parrish let go of his pup’s large cock. He then slipped his middle finger inside himself to pull the hole open and tease Derek with the sight. Derek licked his lips and barked.


Derek scrambled forward and pushed back in. Nuzzling Parrish’s back, he barked with every thrust he made. As he got closer to orgasm, it started to sound more like frantic yipping, but Parrish just laughed breathlessly at the enthusiasm. Derek came just as he bit down on Parrish’s neck, the force of his frenzied thrusts knocking Parrish down to the mattress, where the friction against the sheets tipped him over the edge as well.

Parrish waited until Derek more or less caught his breath before speaking.

"You need to clean me up, boy. You’ve made such a mess."

Derek struggled to pick himself up off his master on shaking limbs, and then leaned down to press gentle lips briefly to Parrish’s ear. Parrish decided not to comment on the break in role play- dogs don’t kiss- as Derek leaned down to lick come out of him. Parrish moaned and rolled his eyes back at the overstimulation. It was Parrish’s turn to whine when Derek pulled back and fluttered his tongue lightly over the rim.

"Derek, don’t tease."

Derek snickered quietly and pushed forward again to slurp noisily at his hole again. Once he decided Parrish was clean enough, he put a paw on his hip to get him to turn over.

"Don’t forget the sheets."

Derek licked up what he could from the sheets before turning to slobber all over Parrish’s stomach as he dragged his tongue over the come, going over all of Parrish’s sensitive spots on purpose. Parrish burst out laughing, ticklish in his good mood.

"Bad dog- bad!"

But he stroked behind his proudly beaming pup’s ear anyway as Derek leaned down to get the last little bit of mess off Parrish’s dick, making Parrish gasp and arch. He pulled Derek up to cuddle when he was done.

"Good boy, so good for me. Who’s a good boy?"

Derek bumped his nose against his master’s, grinning ear to ear. Parrish glanced at the alarm clock and sighed.

"Unfortunately, I have to get ready for my shift, and I won’t be in til late, so I guess play’s over for today, huh?"

Derek kissed him and mumbled against his lips.

"Guess so."

Peter’s voice came from the hallway.

"Fucking finally! And no more barking in the loft! Go to a fucking hotel next time!

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Buffy meme - 1/6 episodes

Once More With Feeling

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