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Derek is more than a little overwhelmed.

Oh god. Derek got doubled stuffed. FYI: Derek fingers one of the Stiles; it’s very quick and short.

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haletothesterek-king said: Oh okay so of course I have to do Darrish cause those two together just drive me insane, and hmm my drabble should be... How about Derek is trying to teach Parrish how to fight since he just figured out he's a Phoenix or were!phoenix and Parrish is all confused as to why Derek cares so much, and Derek accidentally let's it slip that Parrish is his mate and he gets embarrassed by Parrish finds it cute? (I don't know if this counts as a drabble or not)

Here you go: 

“So… I’m a Phoenix” said Jordan, finally looking up to meet Derek’s gaze “and you brought me to the woods for what? To kill me? I’m worth 5 million, you know?”

Derek sighed. “No, I’m not here to kill you, and yes, I know you’re worth 5 million. Are you Stiles’ long lost cousin or something? You’re a lot like him.”

The deputy could only give him an affronted look. “No, I’m not.”

“You are, actually” said Derek, a playful smirk on his face. He’d been doing it a lot more lately. Smiling. It still felt foreign to him but he was trying and with Parrish it was almost easy.

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kinda weird that u can think about someone as much as u want and they have no idea

It’s weirder to think of a universe where when you think of doing something to someone they feel it happening.

Like can you Imagine Tyler Hoechlin sitting at home and getting a no-reason boner and thinking wtf who is thinking about me right now?

*grabs phone, texts Dylan* Dyl, i can feel that, either stop or get your ass over here

But really though, poor Hoechlin if he felt what all of us want to do to him.

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Everyone who reblogs this will get their blog url written on a piece of paper and put in a jar.
Soon,I’ll be leaving for a 2 weeks trip,so I’ll visit several countries. I’ll place the urls everywhere,then take a picture and share it with you.
Who knows who might find it haha xx
You have two days to reblooog.

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hey mpreg & a/b/o requester, I’ll do some straightforward mpreg some other time- your second idea just sounds too good to pass up. or maybe this will hit the spot on both things. (tumblr ate your ask in case you missed my post about that)

"So… that’s the end of our fifth date.”

Jordan let a sly glance slide Derek’s way, a coquettish smile playing through his lip bite. Derek continued.

"Most werewolves more or less know if they’re going to mate by the second or third date…"

Derek tried to gauge what Jordan thought of that, but the Omega just spun around to face him, walking backwards, and looked innocently up at the sky with a slight nod. Derek was pretty sure he knew what he himself wanted, but Jordan was a particularly playful Omega, constantly shooting down all talk of mating, and leaving Derek guessing on where they stood. No Alpha in the world could catch an Omega that wasn’t interested, and he didn’t want to be the asshole that couldn’t take a hint and had to learn the hard and humiliating way.

"Jordan. I’m serious. Am I wasting my time here?"

Jordan stopped abruptly and leaned against Derek’s chest, purring his reply.

"Aw, you’re such a gentleman, Derek. Never met an Alpha that asked permission to chase me before. But if you’re that worried, Alpha… I’ll try not to run too fast so you don’t get discouraged.”

With that, he took off down the street.

Derek stood, absolutely floored. Then he realized that Jordan was already turning onto the next street, and with a growl, gave chase.

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*wraps blanket around favourite character*

*wraps arms around favourite character*

*wraps entire existence around favourite character*

*hisses* dont touch him

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FIRST THINGS FIRST. Let’s all just bask in the glory of my shitty editing. I mean, look at those pixels, man. Gorgeous. On the other hand, WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE? I’M SUPER DORKY AND FAIL AT LIFE. But, hey! at least all y’all are happy! (i hope) So, let’s get to that diddlyhoppin’ follow forever! :D

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Oh my, oh my! That was a lot! my shoulders hurt whewAnyway, I love every single one of you butts and I couldn’t have made it this far without you! *throws glitter and flowers*

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sourwolfz said: queen of my world

Yes, love of mine. Here I am.

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Me too. He’s just such a likeable character >

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I need Parrish not to be a villain because I love him already. And it’s not the kind of love I feel for the bad guys like Peter and the darach, but the kind of feelings I have for Derek and Lydia.

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